Monday, August 24, 2009

A knight of the Republic

It’s about one thirty and my mind is near complete shut down mode. Today was actually a speedy day at work but after a work out, cooking dinner, cleaning up, and reading for a bit my motivation to continue “the hunt” is nill. In a way I am a bit disappointed with myself because I should have taken the time to work on my book this evening and got in touch with the artist for our comic book but could not muster up the energy. I figure I owe it to myself to at least up the blog which I have not done for quite some time. So here we go…

I know typically few people actually go to my page to read the blog and just glance over the transference I set up so it is linked to my Facebook account. If you typically read these little notes you may have noticed within the week I changed my political statues over to Republican. This has caused a few fowl glances and some contemptuous comments from my peers, but to be honest I think the democrat inside of me has just died out.

Before you think I am going to start reading Anne Coulter and join the NRA, I will always take my stance “it’s not about what’s good for the party, but what will better the people” there are a few things I am going to remain loyal to. I will always be pro-choice, being catholic that is definitely a bigger problem then just being a republican but what can I say, that’s just how I feel about the whole thing. Especially because it goes with bringing in religious beliefs into our government which should be outlawed, did I say should, the word I’m looking for happens to be “IS” but whatever. Also, I will always believe in Gay rights, while I may not be a homosexual, I have some friends who are and personally, even if I did not have gay friends, would it truly affect me if to gay men were married in Nebraska? Probably not.

I guess what really started getting the ball rolling is the ever present health care reform. In one of my earlier blogs I stated how I felt about the matter and we are proceeding down a slippery slope here. The United States is in a recession and the government wants companies to start shelling out more money when they can’t even afford current salaries. Here’s to massive layoffs Mr. Obama, cheers! Free healthcare is like one of the many grand ideas in the Obama administration, these things look great on paper, but when its put into practice it is a real shit show.

Now I imagine I will catch a bit of ridicule from some friends that I did in fact vote for President Obama, I think we were all under the impression that we needed change and another old white guy was not going to make that happen. The President is working on changing things but not focusing on what is important. Everybody is trying to play a game of high stakes poker but the Obama administration keeps yelling out, “Go fish!”

As a struggling young man with an artistic degree who is working two jobs to stay alive in the game right now all signs point to I should be in favor of some of these new practices and procedures that are to be put into place. I have worked hard to get where I am today and I do not think just because you want something it should be given to you. America is built on capitalism, work hard and earn more. I am planning on going back for my MBA next year so I can get the corner office with a great insurance package so my family will one day be provided for. Now the plan is to just give that sort of thing away. I ask you, who will work hard for anything if someone will just give it to you? I wouldn’t.