Thursday, July 30, 2009

What do you have on Draught

Earlier this evening the Barack OBama and two other men sat down to have a beer. One Harvard Professor, Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Cambridge police Sgt. Jim Crowley. If you followed the news at all this week it has been huge coverage on “The Beer Summit” being hosted for these two men to sit down and just talk with the President and the Vice President. Basically Professor Gates was locked out of his house and kicked down his own door to regain entry to his home. A neighbor heard the commotion and called the police to alert them of what she assumed was a break in. When Officer Crowley arrived and asked Gates for I.D. he was accused of being racist because Gates was black.

So basically kicking down a door to a house where a break in has been reported does not seem to warrant any investigation. If that is the new procedure, I am heading over to Carmel to furnish my new house. Granted these things always seem to make headlines that racism still exist within our communities and we all need to work together to better society and what not. Thanks to Mark Fuhrman, police will always be scrutinized for being blatant bigots on blacks. (If you know what the is called in grammar please remind me) Granted there are cases of this which happen everyday, especially out in L.A. but I would think that would be standard procedure for that situation.

Regardless I guess this was such a big issue the President of the United States felt he needed to take an afternoon to sit down with these gentleman to bury the hatchet and enjoy a frosty one out on the lawn. Are you out of your fucking mind? Currently we still have troops stationed all over the Middle East still fighting guerilla warfare tactics, a dying economy, and a disease we thought was done spreading is back in full attack mode. Your telling me the U.S. is going to Hell in a hand basket and our fearless leader and drinking a Bud Light with two guys who has a scuffle and are arguing over the race card. WTF mate? I may be mistaken though, only in the fact I am unsure if it was a Bud Light, it is likely it was a Sam Adams, always a good choice.

I voted mostly Republican during the election season but I had faith in President Obama, and cast my vote for him since then I have had a fairly steady decline in my belief he is going to lead us into the promised land. With the half cocked health care bill he is trying to pull and in under a week the cash for clunkers stimulus has been pulled things don’t seem to be running as smoothly as planned. I don’t criticize our current President for the position we are in, things were on a downhill slope long before he took office. I will however hold him accountable in taking necessary steps to get us back on track. Sitting down with two jokers who could not sort out the matter if a robbery was taking place or not is not a duty of Barack Obama. It would not even merit an episode of Dr. Phil.

It is in my hopes that the office of the President begins to get back on track and reinstate America as the superpower it once was. It concerns me a lot of the policies being put in place will take us out of the united republic the United States has always been and will put us into to some sort of socialist nation. Because let’s face it, socialism is just a cute way of saying communism. (In communist Russia, sweater will wear you!) Barack Obama was described as our rock star president. In a sense that is accurate, while he was on his nationwide tour gaining fans he was a sensation. Now that his first album is out in stores, nobodies buying this act any longer.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moving on up

Typically I do not really write about my personal life on here but with a drastic change about to take place I felt that it was fitting. Tonight is my last night is the residence I have taken for the past 4 ½ months and I will be moving into my new home on Saturday. It got me thinking on how life has taken my on a bit of a journey. That and I finally watched the season finale of Scrubs and that is just an emotional roller coaster in itself. I know not to many people really get a chance to read my blog but I guess this is tailored to those who do.

As I am parting ways from Pat and Andrea I do want to thank them for taking me in when I had no place to go. I honestly appreciate it you giving me a place stay when things feel apart for me. I know some evenings were if not difficult mildly awkward, but then there were nights like that when I just felt the need to wear shoes and by that shoes being the only garment I was wearing. It was a bit longer then we anticipated but the kid is finally out on his own.

Generally with looking at the present I often dive back into my past. It was only a year ago when I was living with Jen and working my sales rep job when we looked into getting a dog. It was at that time I thought I had my life mapped out and began planning the next couple of years of my life. Obviously those plans never came into fruition, on the bright side that plan did include me never catching a STD and that goal is still alive and kicking. Go team!

Now as I am looking down the road at my future I am still uncertain. I am looking forward to moving in with Aaron and hopefully looking to begin what I hope will be my official career. After one major detour I am finally getting my life back on track. If anything was learned over these past couple of months it was that the people in your life are what matters most. I literally feel bi-polar over my success situation and I am constantly frustrated I am not where I thought I would be at this part of the game. One thing I have realized is that if you have the right friends and family some of that stuff just doesn’t matter as much.

The past couple of months have been difficult in the sense I felt like I had reverted back eight steps from graduation. Whenever I post something I feel that I need to make some sort of point. There really isn’t to much of one here except that most times we plan out our entire lives and things often do not go the way we intended. Often times success is not measured in the money we make or the car we drive but truly the people that are apart of our lives. True friendship is worth its weight in gold ( that means if your husky your worth more… I think). If it weren’t for my parents telling me that I was going to get through this time in my life I probably would have went off the deep end. Most of this was just ranting but I just wanted my friends and family (usually the ones that read my blog) how much I appreciated them. Also, can I borrow like 20 bucks, it’s for a good cause.