Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Decade Under the Influence

It’s a bit later then I wanted to get started on this, but really it seems to be now or never. As we’ve emerged out of 2011 I think about the past year. I started my blog about 2 years ago and I do a very terrible job of keeping up on it. I hope to do better at it this year considering I have a little more free time on my hands now that life is rolling in the direction I want it to.

It’s actually so long I kind of forget what the whole point in starting this blog was. Maybe a place to bitch and moan or to tell some funny stories. Granted to assure I didn’t get arrested by the Columbian government, I never did publish the really funny ones. So I guess I am just sitting here contemplating how to start my first entry of 2011, I’ll let the words and the scotch flow.

New years always marks a time of change and remembrance, looking back on the year and trying to learn from our mistakes and alter our for the better. Typically the gym just starts to get overcrowded for the month and then the chubby kids file back out and go back to deep fried Twinkie’s. It’s at this point we really look at where we are and evaluate where we want to be. It was just about his time last year I started my job as marketing coordinator at Moorehead Communications. I had no idea what to expect, I didn’t know if I would be in the same position for the next three to four years. As of last week I have been promoted to marketing manager, and so far I love it. Two years ago when I started in a Verizon store I never thought I would be doing this, pretty happy I could sell the shit out of some cell phones.

This was also the year my comic book got published, Luther the Monster, if you haven’t purchased it yet, well you are just a terrible person and probably the joke of all your friends book discussion parties. It’s magical, do yourself a favor and buy a copy over at.

You don’t want to look foolish do you? Who’d have thought my first published works would be a comic book? Oh wait, anyone who remembers me from 7th grade.

I suppose a main part of my year has been relationships. I have loved and lost and look to love again. I make specific note of this since I have not written anything since my breakup back in September. I have learned a lot about myself and what I want in a relationship. I’ve grown a bit more confident in myself, and of course my friends for putting up with a whole lot of malarkey from my ridiculous ass. I’m thinking 2011 will be a solid year for all things involving the relationship world. I feel very Ted Mosby right now, also a little NPH because I am writing this on a computer while 8 bit music plays behind me in the background (Doogie Howser anyone).

Reading over this I really need to start writing again, because to be fair, this is some pretty piss poor work. Not many jokes, not many eighties references, not even a joke at a communist dictators expense, I promise to start working on these a lot more often. Hopefully at least my grammar will improve. In short this small entry is ending where is started going absolutely nowhere. I just am really wanting to get into the habit. Hopefully the next one won’t be garbage and maybe I’ll even include some photos of myself being smoldering. I feel the need to validate the fact I used to be a decent writer, so feel free to check out the classics at

Damn that was terrible….

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